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Episode 3: Marina Berger

October 24, 2011

photo courtesy Kayla Keenan

Marina Berger is a personal chef who lives in Brooklyn. In 2009, she left her former life working at a prestigious SoHo art gallery to pursue good food. She resides on the internet at and @MarinaCooks. Salt Salon, the food and performance series that she curates, is on the web here.

Here is “Blackberry Eating,” the Galway Kinnell poem that Marina shares at the beginning of the show. I recommend one of my favorite blackberry poems, “Meditation at Lagunitas,” by Robert Hass.

The Natural Gourmet Institute is where Marina went to culinary school.

Marina used the Tartine Bakery cookbook to make treats for her Salt Salon tea party. I am excited to learn that its recipes include weight in addition to volume. Baking by weight makes it easier for gluten-free folks to convert “regular” recipes to gluten-free.

Marina's Buttermilk Scones from the Salt Salon Tea Party (photo courtesy Amy Schiller)

I learn about Russian caravan tea from Marina. I am totally intrigued. More info here.

She shares her secrets for a legit DIY veggie burger, not that falling apart nonsense you’ve dealt with in the past.

Marina and I agree that Nine Stories is way, way better than The Catcher in the Rye. I have a little freak-out about “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.”

We talk about about the urgency of both food memories and short stories. When I talk about my most aching food memories, I am talking about this place. Missoula forever.

Marina's Olive and Feta Hush Puppies (photo courtesy Marina Berger)

We’re not sure of the difference between english muffins and crumpets. The kitchn weighs in.

I wonder if you can make clotted cream at home. Turns out, you can!

I rave about a cocktail with rosewater that I had at Dutch Kills.

Click play below to listen to Episode 3: Marina Berger.


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