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Listen and Love: November 2011

November 23, 2011

Future Pear Manhattans

Thanks to a death-rattle cough that left me without a voice for a better part of the week (oh, and that Thanksgiving thing!) there’s no new episode this week. We’ll be back after Thanksgiving, but until then I’m leaving you with some links to listen to and love.

From the Alphabet Soup archives: Check out the comments on episode 4 with Tricia Taaca for some heartwarming internet magic. Also, I’m putting episode 4 on my iPod right now so I can get Tricia’s cheese recs to guide me through my holiday fancy cheese shopping.

Kate Payne, my guest in episode 1, shared an awesome no-waste recipe for a fall cocktail–Pear Manhattans–on her blog.

From Being: A video interview with Rosanne Cash.  She talks about Johnny Cash and onomatopoeia and has some truly profound insights about creativity. And from the Being archives, a timely topic for our current food-filled days, this fantastic interview with Dan Barber, which I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to 5 times already and will probably listen to again this weekend.

I made this Roasted Lemon Chutney from 101 cookbooks this week. It’s unique and delicious and highly recommended by me.

I’m sure many of you are already Heritage Radio Network listeners, but I want to make sure you’re listening to The Speakeasy,  with bartender Damon Boelte. When I discovered this show, I blew right through the archives. This recent episode on bitters is particularly good.

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