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Episode 9: Meg Cotner

February 7, 2012

(photo courtesy Meg Cotner)

Meg Cotner is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer living in Astoria, Queens. She writes the blog Harmonious Belly, helps manage the Hellgate CSA, organizes the Queens Swap, works with the Queens Harvest Food Co-op, and writes for We Heart Astoria. Meg is also a self-taught cook with an advanced degree in music.

Meg mentions some fantastic Astoria restaurants. They are: Vesta, Il Bambino, Butcher Bar, Sweet Afton, Pachanga Patterson, and Queens Kickshaw.

Socrates Sculpture Park, Jackson Heights, and Elmhurst are great greenmarkets in Queens. The full list from GrowNYC is here.

Meg and I talk about the place of “quiet activism” and finding opportunities for activism that feel the best for you. Our conversation reminded me of this.

Meg's Astoria-grown tomatoes (photo by Meg Cotner)

Meg grew those tomatoes in her backyard in Queens! She teaches me about garden “volunteers.” Here’s Meg’s post about her volunteers.

Here’s a photo of the super-adorable mexican sour gherkins (aka: mouse melons) that Meg mentions.

Meg recommends the book You Grow Girl for beginning gardeners. I also own this book and it’s fantastic!

Check out the gorgeous seed packages that the Hudson Valley Seed library, where Meg likes to get her seeds.

Water Kefir (photo by Meg Cotner)

Here’s the post from Chocolate & Zucchini about Water Kefir that originally piqued my interest! It’s a water-based fermented drink that Meg is experimenting with.

Cultures for Health is a source of water kefir grains online. I’m so ready to try it!

Both Meg and I love to make no-cook shrubs, a delicious fruit and vinegar drink. Here’s her method.

Click play below to listen: Episode 9, Meg Cotner

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