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Episode 14: Carrie Murphy

May 1, 2012

(photo courtesy Carrie Murphy)

Connect with Carrie on twitter and her blog Plums in the Icebox.

Check out Carrie’s book Pretty Tilt and by check out I mean buy. Meet the Lavenders is Carrie’s chapbook which is available from Birds of Lace press.

Carrie and I wonder wtf crab imperial is. Epicurious knows!

Epicurious also knows the difference between red and green chiles.

Eat this poem is the awesome blog that Carrie mentions which features recipes based on poems. Some other food blogs that inspire Carrie are Biscuits and Such, Apron Strings, The Boot Blog, and Everyday Southwest.

When Carrie was talking about performing girlhood, the little woman’s college graduate inside me was daydreaming about Judith Butler.

Clementine Cake (via Plums in the Icebox, photo by Carrie Murphy)

Of course, wikipedia has the lowdown on hatch chiles.

Carrie and I talk about writers whose work inspires us, but looks very differently from our own. For Carrie that is Anne Carson, Richard Siken, and Kevin Young. For me, that’s Martín Espada (If you read one Martín Espada poem, let it be this one. If you read two, let it be this one too.) and Langston Hughes.

Here are some Kevin Young poems from Dear Darkness.

Socca with Parsley Sauce (via Plums in the Icebox, photo by Carrie Murphy)

We talk about how to not talk shit about Anne Sexton.

Here’s the deal with Berger Cookie, which Carrie mentions.

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