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Episode 18: And now for something completely different..

January 29, 2013

Kelly joins the show! And she & Autumn get controversial and ask: where is the love—in your food?

We talk juicers, Ron Popeil and Kelly’s childhood kitchen gadget collection.
If you had neither a food processor nor a stand mixer, which would you buy first?

This week, Autumn tackled goat meat from her buying club Lewis Waite Farm and made a delicious curry dish.

The American palate is so limited in our meat consumption. It’s surprising to see things like venison, goat and rabbit listed as ‘exotic’ and game meats. Mmm…meat.


The US & Canada have got some ingredients in their food that the rest of the world deems pretty scary.

Just because your macaron shells fail, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy blood orange curd, as Kelly points out with her kitchen failures adventures.

(Blood oranges)

A biology lesson on the difference between snails and slugs: Snails have shells in which to retreat, but slugs are snail-like animals that naturally lack a shell or have very thin internal shells. [Snails also don’t melt when they touch salt, or they’d never survive in the sea.]

One has to wonder—do slugs taste as good as snails when they’re drenched in butter and herbs? Tried it for yourself? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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