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Episode 35: Get maraschino-ed

June 11, 2013

This week’s Alphabet Soup Podcast is starring…. INFUSIONS!

But first!

Cocktail Memoirs – It’s like a personal narrative, only in cocktail form! We talk about events in our week with inventive drinks that represent what’s going on in our lives. Send us your cocktail memoirs–or send us your life events and we’ll turn them into a cocktail!

Our cocktail today comes from our listeners, Courtney & Eric of  Cook Like a Champion. They like to drink Gin & Tonics (G&Ts) while watching Game of Thrones (GoT) on Sundays. Have you ever made up themed drinks for a TV show or movie? Tweet us your favorite themed drink!

great expectations cake(Kelly once threw a Miss Havisham party, complete with sepia-tone wedding cake. Ethan Hawke not included)

Name that Recipe – Can you name the recipe before we can? We’ve got a new game sort of like name that tune, only we’re listing ingredients to see if you can guess the wacky recipe! Hilarity will ensue. 
Pheasants for Peasants cookbook
Kelly’s guessing this week and Autumn’s got a vintage, French-on-the cheap recipe that pre-dates Sandra Lee. {hint: there are only 4 ingredients…none of which are actual pheasants}Want to stump Autumn & Kelly? Email us or send us a tweet with the recipe you’d like us to guess on the show!
Chew on this:
We’re infusing this podcast with….infusions!
Can a pencil make you smarter? Would you chew on theseWe explore this innovative stationary and Autumn tells us why she just might chew!
marashino cherry colors
MaraschiNOOOO!! Have you ever wondered how maraschino cherries are made? Or how they get to be red (or green… or blue, apparently?) Autumn’s got the scoop, complete with oddly tranquil video. Plus, two red dye 40-free ways to make maraschino cherries yourself. And Kelly’s got red dye 40 horror stories from the bees of Brooklyn.
PLUS! Autumn gives us an update on her fire escape garden, including the highly infusable herbs she’s growing.

TALK AT US! Leave us a comment, tweet at us or email us!
We love to hear what you think of the show. Do you make infusions? We want to know! Are you a staunch supporter of red dye 40? Tweet us in its defense! Have you tried smencils? (If so, can you send Kelly some?) Let us know what you thought!

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