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Episode 49: Chicken Jello Shots!! {and dreams}

October 1, 2013

It’s a hodge-podge episode. We’re earning our NSFW title within the first 5 seconds (SPOILER ALERT, WE SWEAR). A series of wonky events preceded this recording, including several nitrate-free pork products.

Hate the term foodie? Kelly’s coining a new term: food-forward. You heard it hear first, people!

IT’S A RECIPE FOR DISASTER FIRST! Are you ready for this jelly? Kelly’s got a recipe for disaster and it’s all about the technique (don’t sweat it) and our old pal gelatin. Can you guess the method behind this recipe’s madness? Try this recipe at home (if you dare)!

Recipe for Disaster is like name that tune, only with esoteric, quirky recipes. We’ll name the ingredients one by one. Got an odd recipe to share? Email us ( or call us at 484-483-5737 and leave us a message with yours!

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food blogger excuses

This week, we’re talking about food blogger excuses. Are you a food blogger with strange excuses for why you’re running late? Do you find yourself talking about food blogging-related events only to be met with strange looks from friends? WE WANT TO HEAR THEM! Call us at 484-483-5737 and leave us a message with yours!

Autumn’s getting tiki-inspired on this week’s Cocktail Memoirs.

tiki torches

tiki torches in Hawaii. *sigh*

Here’s the ingredients, check Autumn’s Serious Eats page for the exact proportions!

light rum
dark rum (basically, #ALLTHERUM)
grapefruit juice
lemon juice
simple syrup
apple cider

Kelly’s drinking gin and juice and champagne because she’s making some big changes in her life and has a typhoon of awesome stuff to celebrate. Have you ever done something scary and gone down a non-conventional path? Do you have a dream you’ve always wanted to pursue? What stands in your way? How do you balance what brings you joy with the practical things in life?

Share in the awesome and TELL US! Leave us a comment, tweet us, or give us a call (484-483-5737)!

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Click play below to listen to Episode 49!


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